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Наш офис:

Жилой комплекс «Satumaa»

г. Карелия, Прионежский район, Мелиоративный, ул. Лыжная


8 (8142) 630-226

Эл. почта satumaa@bk.ru

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About the residential complex "SATUMAA"

Residential complex " Satumaa "(fin. "Fairyland") is a residential development block located in the village of Meliorative, Prionezhsky district in which we have tried to implement all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay . Low-rise buildings combine various types of housing that meet a variety of needs. The project embodies all the advantages of suburban comfortable living with well-being and access to all necessary infrastructure.

The residential complex is located in the depths of the village of Meliorative in the forest zone. The use of modern environmentally friendly materials in construction, together with the location of the block directly in the forest zone and the absence of any industrial facilities near it, speaks in favor of the environmental friendliness of the complex, which is an important factor in choosing housing in modern industrial conditions.

The construction project provides for the creation of a full-fledged comfortable living environment, which implies the presence of well-maintained driveways, pedestrian paths, Parking lots for cars, sites for garbage collectors. For children, the construction of children's playgrounds is provided. Street lighting provided by the project creates a comfortable atmosphere and provides additional security at night.

For fans of active and healthy lifestyles, there is a stadium, a sports ground with outdoor exercise equipment, forest ski trails, an outdoor skating rink, and forest Hiking trails in the immediate vicinity.

The village has all the necessary infrastructure familiar to a city dweller. Within walking distance are a kindergarten, a school, shops, an outpatient clinic, a pharmacy, public transport stops, a cultural center, a library and a Church in the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

According to the project residential buildings are provided with all the modern benefits of civilization:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Central cold water supply and Sewerage
  • Rostelecom fiber optic cable
  • Heating and hot water supply is planned through the use of natural gas, which significantly affects savings in utility bills. TV and fast Internet are provided by fiber-optic connection provided by Rostelecom.


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